• Why Should I prefer Tutors Pride?
    TUTORS PRIDE EDUTECH PRIVATE LIMITED is the First Indian Educational Enabled Services Company Which is having over 18 years of experience in the Educational Field and been promoted by well experienced Teachers ,Lecturers, Professors and Doctorates. Having largest Tutor and parent Network across India i.e. 20,00,000 parents and 2,00,000 Tutors.
  • Can I directly communicate with the tutor and send messages?
    As a Parent or student you can see the details of only a tutors in your location for only one category or segment. Whenever you send a message, the tutor will just get the intimation of your tuition enquiry. Your message content or contact number will be visible to the tutor. To avail the full scope of services, you need to register in the our website. For Registration process please contact our Coordinator will help you in getting registered in the website.
  • Once the tuition is settled, do I need to pay you anything extra?
    We DO NOT charge any commission from the tutor or parent, tuition settled between you and a tutor or a tutorial center. No fees or charges are taken by “TUTORS PRIDE EDUTECH PVT LTD”.
  • Can I make any payment for Registration/Subscription?
    Yes , You need to take Annual Subscription further details...link should be here
  • Do you give guarantee of getting a tutor on payment?
    We suggest that you first search for potential private tutors from our tutors or center listing. If you find some suitable tutors and wish to contact them, then you can directly contact them or you can ask us to negotiate with the tutor on the fee basis.
  • How many Tutors Can get?
    Yes you see many numbers of Tutors up to the satisfaction of your Children.
  • If I get transferred from the living city to other place can my Subscription be transferred?
    No, fees can be charged . you can use the free services all over India.
  • If a Tutor discontinues in the middle of the Academic year what is the fate of my child?
    Don’t worry about this Tutors Pride is taking care of this, there is no such a situation will be created if it is so, we will arrange a suitable Tutor, or you can select any number of Tutors from the website without charges.
  • Can I get any Online Assignments for my child?
    Yes your child will be Online Assignments if you require other than School work, and these can be evaluated by our Parent Coordinator time to time.
  • How can I be confident about the teaching skills and qualification of the tutors?
    We have stamped tutors who have had their certificates verified by us. You can be assured of their authenticity. How so ever, we always recommend you to ask the tutors to show their credentials and certificates. TUTORS PRIDE EDUTECH PRIVATE LIMITED is the one and only organization working under the guidance of NATIONAL TUTORS COUNCIL OF INDIA. It’s an autonomous body which verifies and certifies the profile of Tutors and issues an identity card to the Tutors under its and Tutors Pride approval.
  • Being a member of TUTORS PRIDE, what are the service benefits that I will get?
    You can directly see the contact numbers, email ids and complete details of all tutors and tutorial centers in your preferred location for any 3 chosen segments or categories. Hence you can directly communicate with the tutors. Tutors selected by you will receive your tuition requirement message through mobile alerts, emails and so they can directly speak to you regarding tuition settlement.
  • Will the tuition be arranged at my residence or should I go to the tutor’s place to take the tuition?
    You need to speak directly to the tutor and discuss in detail regarding this. We arrange Home Tuitions, Group Tuitions, Online Tuitions, and Class Room Tuitions. If agree for the Home Tuition Tutor will come to your place, if it is Group Tuition a common place will be selected for the group of people as a common place.
  • What is the difference between Group and Home tuition?
    Home Tuition is One-on-One Tutoring, whereas Group Tuition is Max of 5 Members Tuition Let us say this Combined Study.
  • How Can I /my child get benefited?
    Yes really you are getting benefited by the way of economy and in a Group Tuition of same class, age and will be an added advantage for exchanging their views, where in a class room can’t be shared.
  • Can I get online tuitions from your website?
    We have a listing for Online tutors in our website. You can check the tutor profiles, see the tools that they are using and contact them for your tuition requirements. At present, we are not conducting any online classes directly through our website, although we are hoping to start it within a couple of months.
  • Can you help us in getting some concession in the tuition fees charged by the tutor?
    No, we can’t help you in fixing the tuition fee. It has to be mutually discussed and agreed by you and your tutor.
  • 24 hours help line for parents
    +91 8978174444
  • How can I get Contact into the Tutors Pride Network?
    You can upload your Resume in the company’s website www.tutorspride.com You approach any of our Tutors Co-ordinator contact No Parents : 7702743333, Tutors : 9705546555 Your Reach tutors pride by sending an e-Mail to TUTORSPRIDEHYD@GMAIL.COM
  • What are the documents to be submitted at time of Registration?
    Documents to be submitted are 1.Highest Qualification Xerox copy 2. ID Proof 3. Address Proof & Any references of Two known persons 4.Pass port size photograph.
  • Is there any fee for the registration?
    There is NO fee for registrations, Directly furnish your correct details in www.tutorspride.com
  • How can I get student details? Will students directly contact me to set up tuition?
    Once you are a registered member, you will publish your profile with open your confirmation mail Students under your subject categories can directly contact you via phone or email. Tutors will get instant email and SMS notification whenever a new tuition is posted. They will continue getting student leads.
  • Do I need to pay any extra charges to you once tuition is settled?
    No, members are no need to pay.
  • Can I teach Online?
    Yes - you can teach online with your own set of tools like whiteboard, Skype messenger etc. We are currently not providing any tools for online tutoring, but will just be listing your profile under the online tutor category.
  • Do you give a guarantee that I will get students on?
    It depends on the frequency of the students' tuition enquiry. It also depends on how attractive your profile is to students. Tutors will receive SMS and email alerts as and when a student under their class category posts a new tuition job. Besides, they will also have access to backdated tuition requirements on signing in.
  • Will students come over to my place to take tuition? Can I teach students in a group?
    Whether students will go to your place to take tuition or they expect you to teach them at their residence is something that has to be mutually decided by you and the student. You can however mention your preference while creating your profile. Similarly, you are free to teach students in a group by mentioning "Group Tuition" in Tutoring Options of the Registration Page. But we do not promise to provide you groups of students as mostly we receive enquiries from individual students.
    The above arrangements completely depend on the tutor and the student. Both parties need to discuss their convenient terms and conditions. MyPrivateTutor.com will not take any decision on this regard.
  • How can I attract more and more students to my profile?
    Please take care while filling up the registration form and provide Correct and Complete information. Explain your Tutoring Experience and Tutoring Approach in details, upload your photo and send us photocopies of your academic, professional certificates, address proof etc so that we can display your profile as a Verified and Authorized tutor in Tutorspride.com
  • Can we create our tutor profiles under different segments and locations?
    Yes – you can select as many categories or segments as you wish to [among those available in our website] but a particular location only, like Delhi.
  • Do we need to pay in order to create our center profiles?
    You can create your center profile under Free Basic but there will be certain. As a Free Center, your contact details will not be published on your profile and students will not be able to contact you directly. Free centers will be able to see student messages through emails and mobile alerts but will not be able to view the students’ contact details. You will just get an email or SMS notification when a new tutor request is posted by a student. In order to avail the full scope of services, you need to be a Premium Center with us. For Subscription details, For Premium center we also allow them to display their website address, facebook, twitter and Google plus URLs.
  • How can I get student details? How will students communicate with me?
    Once you are a member, we will publish your profile with full contact details. Students under your subject categories and location can directly contact you via phone or email. You will get email and SMS notification whenever a parent select or click on your profile.
  • Do you give a guarantee that I will get students?
    It depends on the frequency of the students tuition enquiry. It also depends on how attractive your profile is to students. They will also have access to backdated tuition requirements on signing.
  • If I get some advances from the Parent and discontinue the Tuition what is the action Tutors pride /Parent will take?
    If a Tutor discontinues the Tuition even after taking some advances form the parent, Tutors pride will publish the Profile of the Tutor in the DEFALUTERS list of the website, and company is no way responsible for the actions whatever taken by the parents, Tutors pride will send the defaulters list to the NATIONAL TUTORS COUNCILS OF INDIA for the deactivation of the Membership.
  • Can I take the Tuition as soon as I got registered in your network?
    No, it is not possible to allot the Tuition in Tutors pride, because it work under the guide lines of NTCI, it takes 24 hours for the Activation of the membership, only after getting activation of the membership only, sometimes the Tuition will be allotted on the basis of Tuition Openings only.
  • How many Tuitions can I attend?
    There is no limitation for allotment, only after completion of Successful one month then only another Tuition will be allotted.
  • If I don’t respond in time what happens?
    Parents call other Tutors. You will have to wait till the next Tuition comes.

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